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**Featured in Inc. Magazine's "30 Influential Women to Watch in Tech in 2017"**

What our Clients are Saying...

“I have been working with Jasmine for 14 years, and she has been an instrumental component to my career success and sound mind. My work is very important to me and to the people of my nation, and can also be stressful as the fate of many people can ride on my performance, and the decisions we make at the Senate as a whole.
In addition to stressful political competition and lack of trust and unfaithful “so called” friends Jasmine’s guidance has been invaluable, and she has given me a sense of unwavering confidence and clarity, which allows me to provide the utmost value at work, while also being my best self at home.
When I learned about the innovative new program that COACCEL offers, I immediately enrolled, and I am very happy I did. It’s been a wonderful investment in myself and therefore beneficial to the people as well. I highly recommend COACCEL and the work they do.”
— Senator Nathalie Goulet, France
I feel extremely blessed to have met Jasmine through a family friend, David TK Ho, in 2003. So many people say there are “no words to describe....” when experiencing an ultimate occurrence. Well, there truly is “No Words That Can Describe” Jasmine’s care for myself and my family, our conversations and readings, guidance, and support she has given me in my life. From personal to professional guidance, Jasmine, and her program that COACCEL offers, has guided me towards a very content place in life. As life goes on, so does her deep care and love for the people around her. COACCEL connects all the dots to accel professionally, and most of all personally. I am forever grateful for her support as a guiding light through a dark time in my life, and being my shield through unchartered territory.
— Andrew King, Hong Kong
I’ve known Jasmine for about 8 years. She’s very gifted, says things straight ahead, things that sometimes I need to hear loud and clear, And she’s always glad to help, especially during some crisis moments. Over the years, I asked her to help me for very specific matters, usually about my career (I’m a TV writer). I will show her pictures of working partners, talk her about writing projects and she will tell what will happen and give me very smart and precise advice. For example, she helped me pick a good name for my new production company. I sent her lots of names and she picked the one with the most efficient results in the future. On a more personal side, she helped me recently in finding a new apartment.
Jasmine knows what’s best for me, and she’s always accurate even when I was doubtful!
— Marc Kressmann, Writer/Producer, Paris (France)
My life could be much easier if I knew Jasmine since I was born. Happily I met her a few years ago, she helped me many times explaining how to find solutions and what’s the best course of action. She helped me overcome difficult periods, and God knows I have suffered. Jasmine never made a mistake, and she always had a reason ...even when , what she said sounded strange to me. Now I can say 1000 of thanks to her. The new program at COACCEL is taking her guidance to another level. I’m so glad I’ve enrolled.
— Jane White, Bleeding Edge
I have known Jasmine for more than 6 years, and she is a gifted lady always ready to give her time to make the others go forward and reach their goals.
She does not count her time when it comes to help the others to find their place, making them show the best of themselves. She helps us to reveal and find the real us by saying and finding the very right words to encourage us. During all those years, she has consistently supported me at professional and personal levels. Her pieces of advice have always guided and helped me when I had to take the most important decisions. She helped me strengthen my self-confidence, and even more importantly, she is part of the professional success I have today thanks to her presence in my life. Through this testimony, I would like to pay tribute to this very special lady for her permanent commitment to the others at all times. She is an extraordinary light at end of the tunnel. I truly believe that the human factor is the key of every success, and Jasmine is simply the definition of that word.

This is why I am happy and proud to say that I highly recommend COACCEL and their work.
Jasmine and her partner contribute to a great change in people’s life, and I know they will be part of great achievements to come for many people.
— Kari, Switzerland
I connected with Cam when I read her story. It was vulnerable, honest, and powerful. More so, it resonated with me for what I had gone through in my life.

When I began, I had felt lost, sick, and tired. I had been in painful relationships for most of my life, from those with my family to those I chose for myself in my adult life. I was in a venture where I had poured my heart and soul, but those around me had taken liberties with crossing boundaries and taking more than their fair share. I really didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t meet Cam with the idea of signing up as her student. But here was this passionate, intelligent, and authentic woman who shared her journey and listened to mine. I took a risk and invested in her COACCEL program. I would have never invested in something like that for myself before.

Three months went by, and it was like day and night. I had “transformed”. She compassionately and objectively guided me through my personal and professional challenges. I was then able to see reality. I became responsible and took charge for everything in my life. I was empowered and clear on my path. And my path cleared. But it felt natural the entire time. I can hardly believe that my life turned 180 in just 3 months.

I’m still on my journey, and I still have a lot to learn. But for those seeking exponential growth, I would highly recommend Cam and her team. She’s amazing and worth that investment.
— Yuli, Los Angeles
I have been deeply thinking about what the COACCEL experience has done for me. And I found myself kind of at a loss about where to begin. It had its moments of frustration, aggravation, inspiration and breakthrough. I think if someone would have told me last year that I would be making an investment in a program without a manual or an accreditation I would not have believed it. And yet, I look at the results of COACCEL and my life has really changed in a way that I can sustain.

I was expecting videos, manuals, written materials. I was not expecting to face myself and what was really holding me back. I was not expecting to radically change and spiritually wake up. I was not expecting results. I was so down and felt like I was just losing half of my time to the process of failing. The process of being defeated was a process I was actually actively taking an equal part in without realizing it.

With your help over 3 months, I changed my life. I built my business from nothing. If someone would have just told me how to run it, that would not have worked. You really helped me to see myself honestly. I had a negative attitude toward myself and my purpose because I was investing in that failure narrative (that I created myself) without knowing it.

With your help I was able to not only see my purpose, I was able to become empowered by COACCEL. I was able to recognize that I had the ability to create good service, quality product, to meet people halfway and not allow clients to drain me anymore. My client roster dramatically changed in the 12 weeks. Out with the old and in with the new. I “lost” an especially draining client who was harming my business by wasting my time. Within 24 hours I had a better client and the pattern continued. Work became a spiritual effort and exchange of energy.

You helped me trade in the “grind” for an opportunity to be of service. And that is how I see my business and my work with this new outlook that Cam and Jasmine helped me with. I don’t really care about being rich but, it sure feels good to be financially stable and to have the ability to be there for family, pay my bills, give to causes that I am passionate about. It feels good to be living part of my spiritual mission through work. Its not my whole life anymore. My life is in balance now because of COACCEL and I am really grateful.

I welcome anyone who would like a reference for CoOACCEL to contact me.

Thank you Cam and Jasmine!
— Love, Sara Gepp Close to the Earth On-Demand I.T. Services
I’ve known Jasmine for more than 15 years, beautiful person. I met her in an important period of my professional life when I established my services company in the oil industry in Norway and Venezuela. Her support was key to not waste time looking for the “perfect” way. I always like to Illustrate with images; I see myself as captain of a sailboat in the middle of the sea, knowing the port where I want to arrive, and looking for the best routes and winds to reach the destination port. The decision is a mixture of knowledge, of having a crew as efficient as possible, and of intuition. In these three components of the event, Jasmine has given me pertinent recommendations to know with certainty that the destination port was really what I was looking for, to choose the best Winds, with the best crew, and reach the port of destination. I have a great esteem for her person.
— Patrick Pitaud, Shareholder and President Scan Geofisica, Caracas, Venezuela


Created by two Global Leading Ladies on a Mission.

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Cameron Kashani (Cam) is the Godmother of Silicon Beach, an Expert Speaker with US State Department, 3x founder, and single mom of twin boys. She's worked with 4000+ Entrepreneurs and 700+ startups. She previously cofounded the first coworking space in Los Angeles for technology startups and entrepreneurs in 2010, Coloft. During her four years there, Coloft had over 1400 alumni, including Uber LA, Instacart, Fullscreen and others. Cam is on a mission is to humanize business, and her vision is a global economy that thrives on “WE” as opposed to “ME”.While Cam works with men and women, she has a deeply rooted passion for working specifically with women as she believes that women that embrace their deeply rooted power can collectively shift the energy in business, and ultimately create a more harmonious environment for us all.

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Jasmine Hannaby is an internationally renowned Intuitive Coach with clients across five continents. She has been changing the life of thousands of people since 2001 with a 99.999% accuracy rate. She builds Leaders with Purpose. Her clients include High-Level Politicians, Executives, CEO's and large Corporations. Cam was Jasmine's client, and she helped build her back up after a very challenging period of time. Read more about Jasmine here.

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