The SELF­ Accelerator is a 3 month program to optimize your work and yourself. This process will accelerate your business goals and you’ll come to a realization that it’s applicable across your life. Our ultimate goal is happy, fulfilled, powerful humans.


1-1 intensive coaching sessions and group sessions will ignite new awareness and creativity, increasing your self ­confidence and motivation, and ultimately letting you understand how fully live your passion through entrepreneurship. 


With a unique combination of Intuitive coaching and technology expertise, the 3 month program will allow selected leaders to quickly unleash their potential and reach beyond their goals. 


Jasmine and Cameron will personally work with you to realign your higher personal and professional purposes. 

Why Self Accelerate?

Self ­Acceleration lets you identify and understand the emotional patterns and dynamics that enchains you to insecurity, anxiety, and a lack of decision-making. For example, you may experience self­-limiting feelings and beliefs about yourself and your success, or get stopped or hindered by even constructive criticism. These patterns drain your energy and confidence, resulting in you being risk ­averse, and can stop you from achieving optimal success. 

Through self-acceleration, you will be able to transform such patterns and dynamics and turn them into effective strategies that will lead to the quality of work and partnerships you deserve, and as a result, you will experience a more fulfilled life. Unleash yourself, and realize how powerful you are in any given moment. 

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